1973 BMW E9 3.5 CSI Jabber Jaw

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Fine Restoration, By UACC

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“Jabberjaw” is the nickname of this 1973 BMW — named after the
Hanna-Barbera cartoon character for its shark-like contours and

It’s another project from Alvin Tan’s stable of BMWs.  It came to us
with a majority of the mechanical work completed.  A 3.5 liter M90
engine with L-Jetronic fuel injection and dog-leg five speed
conversion with Euro- 3:07 rear gear gave the car some performance
numbers fit for the Autobahn.  So we set out to tackle this project to
increase its “curb-appeal.”

BMW’s timeless, understated design coupe bodies are notorious for
rust, and this car, like so many Karmann-built bodies, was no
exception.  All original panels were stripped to bare metal and in
some cases cut away to expose areas prone to rust.  Where rust was
found, it was removed and patched and the the new metal treated to
prevent further ravages by the “tin worm.”  More than 400 hours of
labor were devoted to body prep and paint.  The critical edge creases
and door gaps are matched perfectly.  The flawless two-stage Polaris
silver paint has amazing depth and brilliance.

It’s the details, however, that make this CS coupe outstanding.  The
color-matched CSL airdam, rear spoiler and “3.5 CSL” waistline stripes
along with the staggered-width Alpina wheels (7″ and 8″) provide a
1970s retro-Motorsport-look.

Inside, there is all new zebra-wood veneers on the dash with
restored/recalibrated factory gauges.  A rear sun-shade from a 1980s
E24 coupe was adapted to the rear parcel shelf . Porsche wine red
leather covers the surfaces of the rare, Scheel-Mann recliners and
leather-wrapped Alpina steering wheel tops off the look and feel of
the earlier days of BMW performance automobiles.

Many thanks, to Shaun Pocar at for the magnificent photography Job!